Macallan # 2
Aged in Sherry casks (American and European oak according to the proportions of the Roca Brothers, from the El Celler de Can Roca)
Josep Roca : 1st fill European Oak
Joan Roca : 1st and 2nd fill European and American Oak
Jordi Roca : 1st and 2nd fill American Oak
Bob Dalgrano : 1st fill European Oak


The Macallan, the epitome of class and luxury. Born in 1824 in the heart of the Speyside, Macallan has always been known for its use of the highest quality of Sherry casks. These casks are made and chosen especially for Macallan and have been the heart and soul of every expressions. Since then, Macallan is known for ultra rare and pricey expressions (60+ years old), a brand new and super expensive distillery (140 millions pounds, now opened for visits), and a line of special editions (one each year, starting in 2015).
Fun fact : every expressions gets 0.1% ABV than its predecessor, except between #1 and #2 (#1 is 48% – #2 is 48.2% – #3 is 48.3% etc.).

Color : gold jewel.
Nose : dried apricots and dates, milk chocolate, nuts, red grapes. The nose is deep and full, stretching for many minutes.
Palate : Milk chocolate and whipped cream, especially in texture. The influence of sherry is strong with notes of dried fruits, spices with cinnamon and ginger, honey, orchard fruits such as plums and mirabelle plums.
Finale : long, slow, languorous, spicy.
Comments : Can someone tell me why I exchanged this bottle?
Fortunately my good friend Alexandre Lavoie gave me a sample… Ayayaye it’s good ! When I’ll talk about a very sherry whisky, but without being a bomb, I will refer to this one, starting now !
A pure delight that I highly recommend, whether in a bar or if you can find a bottle !


To reflect Macallan balance between old and new, here is another shot I took on the same day as the main picture ! Which do you prefer ?

Macallan Edition #2
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