Macallan Aera
Aged in a majority of ex-Sherry casks
Macallan has, since its creation in 1824, attracted both praise and ridicule. The common factor between these too is that people are talking about it like no other distillery is being talked about. You either LOVE Macallan, or you HATE it !
Anyway, on to a quick history ! Built in 1824 in the heart of the Speyside by farmer Alexander Reid, the distillery has grown tremendously to now become the biggest distillery in Scotland with 15 millions of liter produce. A new distillery and visitor center was built this year, at a WOOF cost of 100 millions pounds.
This particular edition is a NAS aged mostly in ex-Sherry casks (built expressively for Macallan) and is Taïwan exclusive. As it is a Macallan, people haven’t opened it yet (for like 99.9% people), probably to flip it, and this is the first review that can be found on the net…YOU READ IT FIRST HERE !
Colour : gold jewelry.
Nose : candied lemons with dark chocolate. Cherry, blackcurrant, blueberry and elderberry. On the nose, definitely a certain type of berries, always with a hint of chocolate.
Palate : chocolate mousse on praline biscuit, almond ice cream, tiramisu and cannoli. This mouth is one of dessert definitely ! Surprisingly, the texture is not bland or too watery, which I anticipated negatively because of the alcohol level. It’s the same texture as a mousse dessert.
Final : warm, comforting, slow and long, but remaining in the top of the throat.
Comments : allright…I’m sold ! This product is REALLY good ! The best whisky at 40% that I have drunk in my life. I was anticipating negatively the texture in the mouth because of the alcohol level, and finally it is not at all a concern.
This whisky is a decadent dessert…make sure you unbuttoned your pants before drinking !
Macallan Aera
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