The Glenturret Sherry


ABV 43%

Aged in Spanish oak ex-Sherry casks


The Glenturret – the oldest working distillery in Scotland. This distillery has seen it all, and throughout most of the years it’s continued to produce- even though Wars, financial depressions, and an ever changing market. The distillery functioning since 1775 is now mainly working with an incredibly limited but very skillful crew. Keep in mind the distillery still handmakes almost everything in true traditional fashion. Everything about this brand is so extremely interesting and with an amazing line up of whiskies I only hope to see them expand.


Color : dark amber
Nose : ginger. Spices, toffee ,
Palate : oak, baking spices , toffee overall sweet
Finish : medium finish, more spice and oak. Smooth and very sweet.
Comments : I prefer the Sherry compared to the triple wood. The spice in this one has a great length and kick while being smooth

The Glenturret: Sherry edition
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