Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2010-2015


5 years old

Aged in ex-Sherry casks


This young farm distillery, born in 2005, is located in the mythical and holy kingdom of peat on Islay, Scotland. Kilchoman, despite being a new distillery on Islay, already has A LOT of fans in the whisky aficionados circles ! This Loch Gorm, aged only 5 years in oak that previously contained Sherry wine (from Jerez, Spain), is an ode to the intense, pastry, fruity and spicy peat. So young and so well, complex and round? Tell me their secret ! I’d bet on a meticulous choice of the active barrels and a production specifics (by beginning with the barley, including the peat, up to stills and distillation process). Kilchoman is now still growing and growing and offers a lot of great and various bottlings !


Colour : amber gold/copper.

Nose: Various peated steams from tires, burned rubber-gum, wood fire, earth or from farm/stable. Also having notes of caramel/chocolate, and the nice feeling of smelling a pizza with fresh forest’s mushrooms and bacons (my fav pizza). On then to aromas of citrus fruits, grilled brown sugar, hardwood dust, raisins as well as apricot’s pie (slightly burned).
Palate : dry, vinous, dusty and finally, sweet. I got, during the tasting, some intense spicy flavours (strong ginger and clove), some salt, licorice, wet wood, caramel, oily peat smoke and sour mandarin (mature).
Finish : finally, there is a certain bitterness which is accompanied with woody flavors and this substantial smoked peat, wood smoke, gourmand and even slightly sweetened. There is also hints of dry orange zests as well as some dark chocolate flavours with sweet pepper that stay perseveringly and for a long time in mouth after swallowing.
Comments : as a true sherry&peat lover, I really love that vibrant and young stuff that for me offers a lot of sherried and peaty tastes/aromas with a nice and funky balance ! Here is, imho, a very very great whisky full of flavours that cheerful my senses on alert ! 46%VOL is really good to take advantage of a whisky! Isn’t it?
Kilchoman Loch Gorm (2015)
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