Let’s say it like it is : 2018 has been an INCREDIBLE year regarding whisky !!! Friendships were built, whisky trips were insane, exchanges with people were awesome…and of course we founded our own website 😎So let’s go with my personal awards, totally biased and unapologetically subjective !

Best Scotch Single Malt : ok, easy one, like really easy one ! Highland Park Orcadian 1970 40 years old. Damn…that was goody good !!!!

Best Canadian whisky : again, easy choice ! Lot 40 Cask Strength 11 years old. Let’s put it that way : Don Livermore is a genius and he creates whisky…enough said 😜

Best American whiskey : Four Roses Single Barrel barrel LE 25-4R. I don’t know if it’s the best whiskey in the US, but the price tag is super low, the drink is super good, and I had a lot of fun with this one !

Biggest surprise : Macallan Aera (Taïwan exclusive). Macallan is often criticized for its price tag, its marketing, and its ABV content. I pulled the trigger a bit quickly on this buy, and was expecting a too much diluted drink as it is 40%. But at my surprise, the nose was INSANE, the texture was good, the drink was very good ! Hadn’t taste a 40% whisky that good since I started drinking whisky !

Bottle I’m most happy I opened : Caol Ila 14yo Valinch & Mallet. Single cask from V&M, Sherry aged, slight peat, intense flavours. This is in my top 3 whisky ever, and I have a full bottle at home. What else do you want me to say ?

Most disappointed : Bowmore 15 years old, but Bowmore in general. True I havent’ drink all those fancy editions, but every time I drink a Bowmore, I just have a “meuh” to say. And I really wanna like it : sherry, peat… it just doesn’t seem to do it for me 🙁

Bottle I’m most happy I found : Highland Park Thor. I missed that one for my Valhalla collection, which was something I REALLY wanted to have since I discovered Scotch. And founding my last missing piece at the distillery was kind of a nice wink !

Best Memory : that’s hard to choose from… My visit at Highland Park distillery was a pinnacle, but right after that my journey with Nico and Salim was sooooo cool ! Let’s say both are my best whisky memories from this year. 

Best Facebook personality : he is a local legend (like very local), but damn Alexandre Lavoie is something ! He ain’t no expert, he ain’t no big shot, he likes Gold Bar whisky (he’s gonna kill me for that 😂), but he is a damn fun and good guy ! A simple Facebook question/post can go to shit because he answered, and it’s damn funny to see the whole ship sink !

Finally but not least, best Instagram personality : Eric AKA Scotch And Time ! Ok, here is a big shot whisky guy, and here is someone super humble and always ready to talk and help ! His events are very cool to watch, his enthousiasm is contagious. Very glad I had the chance to talk a bit with him, and hopefully one day we’ll meet !

A (whisky) year in review !
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I never liked vodka&orange or vodka&cranberry while going out in the Montreal Clubs. I was always drinking whisky&ginger ale or whisky&coke. At some point, I just let go of the liquors and started drinking whisky neat... I hated the taste but damn was I a badass in front of my friends ! Eventually, I stopped being a douche and started enjoying finer drams. Today, I’m making it my mission to taste every whisky and to know everything there is to know about spirits, wine and beer !

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