Yellow Spot 12 years
12 years
Aged in ex-Bourbon, Sherry and Malaga
Colour : gold.
Nose : whew…it smells of whiskey full nose! Good whiskey at least. Pear tart, vanilla ice cream and a dessert made of mascarpone and candied lemon.
Palate : ample and sweet texture, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The light and sweet side is balanced by slightly more vegetal notes.
Final : hot, short and slow!
Comments : an excellent whiskey that starts my day in the world of Irish!
Just complex enough, pleasant and fun. A whiskey for amateurs, and if beginners can get past the powerful alcoholic nose, it will be nice too!

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I never liked vodka&orange or vodka&cranberry while going out in the Montreal Clubs. I was always drinking whisky&ginger ale or whisky&coke. At some point, I just let go of the liquors and started drinking whisky neat... I hated the taste but damn was I a badass in front of my friends ! Eventually, I stopped being a douche and started enjoying finer drams. Today, I’m making it my mission to taste every whisky and to know everything there is to know about spirits, wine and beer !

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