Blood Oath Pact 4 – 2018
9 years
A mixture of three Straight Bourbon – 12 years old + 10 years old + 9 years old ends in toasted barrel


Blood Oath is one of the release Lux Row Distillery produces. It is a sourced whiskey, which means they buy the whiskey they like, then blend it, create a whole new whiskey, bottle it, and then we buy it 😎

Lux Row has been around for more than 40 years, including with the famous Rebel Yell and Ezra Brooks, and in 2015 they had two big announcements : the 1st release of Blood Oath and the creation of their own distillery.

Now opened (2018), Lux Row will finally release their own whiskeys soon enough !

Color: mahogany.
Nose: oh it smells like Bourbon ! Grilled corn on the BBQ, salted caramel and milk chocolate.
Palate: Charcoal pork chops with BBQ sauce and various vegetables in foil. We go on with dessert: 75% dark chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel.
Final: very hot, slow, long. Slightly spicy and astringent.
Comments: it’s good “en titi” as we say in Quebec (which means it’s pretty good) ! Complex enough, with enough depth in the flavors to make it fun 😎 Yet this remains a true Bourbon : I really enjoyed the BBQ side of toasted barrel aged Bourbons ! This is a bit expensive : 120$CAD. Is there as good Bourbons with a lesser tag price and the same profile out there ? Probably. But this is nice enough to make it a premium Bourbon to have at home, at least once.

Blood Oath Pact 4
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