Michter’s Straight Rye
Aged in new American oak barrel, fire-charred
Uses American rye
Single barrel #17A147
Michter’s website state that the brand honours American distilleries from 1753. This is a rather mixing statement as it could lead you to think that Michter’s was created in 1753, which is not true. Well, the brand as we know it was not created at that time, but in 2004. Altought, a previous distillery called Bomberger used to make whisky under the Michter’s name until it’s closure in 1989.
This is very confusing, I know !
Anyway, let’s move on. Michter’s straight rye uses American rye and American oak barrel. The line name is, indeed, US 1 Kentucky, and is a shoutout to America’s first distilleries (again). They also state that their barrel are first toasted, then charred. I’m not sure if it’s relevant thought, as, in my mind, all charred barrel are de facto toasted.
Colour : rusty copper.
Nose : between cardamom and green apple, with the acidity of the latter leading to pineapple and grapefruit.
Palate : cardamom, cinnamon and hard candies. Much less explosive than I thought, spices are balanced by the sweetness of vanilla and coconut. Warm and comforting in the mouth.
Final : here we recognize a rye with a very spicy and explosive finish, quite short along the throat, but with a felt presence rather long.
Comments : typical and atypical rye. Very explosive nose and finish, but sweet in the mouth and yet racy. I liked that rye. It’s complex enough and in line with what you could expect from a straight rye. It seems easy to find and at a low cost in the US. It would make a good daily sipper and a good mixer as well for higher end rye cocktail.
*** Picture and sample provided by my good friend Bernard Loranger, Quebec very own whisky Godfather ***
Michter's Rye
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