ABV : 46%

12 years old

Aged in prominently in ex-Bourbon casks, with small quantities in ex-Sherry casks too.
Cost: 70 (usd)


Power’s was created in 1791 in Dublin by James Powers, at his public house. After almost a century of dominating the Irish whiskey industry, Powers began to bottle their own whiskey instead of selling it in bonds to merchants (1886). Powers was deemed to be one of the most beautiful, innovative and ”clean’ distillery in the world.

Powers is one of the few Irish distilleries to have never closes, in part due to its innovation and the fact that did embrace change when it was coming their way (stopped selling in bonds, installing a Coffey still, etc).

Fun fact : their Gold Label is the first Irish whiskey to be bottled !


Color : light amber, golden hay

Nose : light notes of citrus, leather, oak, lingering honey.

Palate : spice up front followed by dried oranges, honey, and hint of oak.

Finish : medium short. With continued honey and dried citrus fruit.

Overall: what I liked about this Irish whiskey is there’s generally a division for me of either the whiskey being too sweet and smooth or far too harsh with Irish. This one however gives a great bite of spice then slowly transitions to the sweet. Would definitely recommend.

Powers John's Lane
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