Jameson Caskmates Beau’s Edition
Finished in Beau’s Irish Style Red Ale


Allright, so here is the story behind this Edition. Jameson has been experimenting with beer casks as part of their Caskmates journey. In 2012, Beau’s Brewery (Vankleek Hill, Ottawa region, Ontario) brewed a Irish style Red Ale aged in ex-Jameson casks. And since it was a huge hit and Jameson needed something new for their Caskmates range, well, they bought back their casks to age some whiskey in it !
So here it is, Jameson aged in ex-Irish style Red Ale / ex-Jameson casks !!!


Color : gold jewel.
Nose : acidic green apples…like really acidic ! In the background, Asian pears and lime zest. After several minutes in the glass, the ultra acid side softens a lot and gives way to vanilla and whipped cream.
Palate : very creamy and rich texture. Malt, milk chocolate, vanilla, latte coffee.
Finish : long in taste with oak and dark chocolate, but short and remains on the palate.
Comments : I was expecting the worst after the first minutes of the nose. But afterall, it’s very good ! Not very complex, just like the other Caskmates Edition, but it’s refreshing and slightly different from the others (Stout and Brown Beer Editions) !
For $ 41 CDN, a nice exclusive Ontario edition to celebrate Beau’s brewery 😎
And of course, it was paired with another beer from Beau’s : Irish Dry Stout ! ‘Cause you know…it was St-Paddy’s Day 🙂

Jameson Caskmates - Beau's Edition
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