Hoyo de Monterrey is a premium cigar, one produced on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA, the Cuban state-owned tobacco company.

In 1831, Don José Gener y Batet emigrated to Cuba from Spain at the age of thirteen, where he worked on his uncle’s plantation in Vuelta Abajo. Some twenty years later, he would open his own cigar factory in Havana and he began producing his own cigar line, La Escepción. In 1865, after using his factory’s own profits to acquire one of the best tobacco farms in Vuelta Abajo, he registered a cigar line named for it: Hoyo de Monterrey. Made using the Tripa Larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made –  technique, using filler and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajotobacco zone.

Literally translated from Spanish to English as “the Hole of Monterrey” in reference to the concave terrain favoured by growers of premium tobacco, the brand became incredibly popular, especially in the British market and José Gener’s factory became one of the largest factories in Cuba. In 1900, Gener died in Spain and his daughter Lutgarda Gener took over the business and it would stay in the family for another thirty years.

Origin: Cuba

Size: 129×42

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder/Filler: Cuba


This is a simple looking habano but but don’t let the value and price point through you off. It is a smooth looking cigar. The mild looking colorado wrapper and classic hoyo band, something about corona sizes or just smaller that i like.. A nice looking petite corona, wrapped and adorned in a white aluminum tube with cedar inlay.

Smoking Notes

This is an everyday cigar, a cigar that is mild to medium. To me it is an average cigar or just slightly better. The draw and smoke output is solid its right for the size. It is respectable and one that should be on hand in the humidor as an everyday smoke. The aromas on these cigars are strong and woody they hold nicely, i love aromatic cigars that last. Creamyness throughout with that woodsy taste.

Before the light up

This has typical Hoyo flavours. Think leather and earth, with a hint of spice which gives the cigar a nice Cuban feel. The contruction is good. I am a fan of tubos because of the presentation that the cigar comes in and i like to light the cigar with the cedar strip from inside the tube. Which i think is kinda neat.

Draw and Burn

With a bit of an uneven burn, the draw is not lacking. This every day value habano is nice considering the quality of the tobacco. The draw is easy making it a pleasurable smoke, no touch ups required. Ash holds on and is layered with dark/grey colour.


To start off this Hoyo is a woodyness along with a sweetness. The outdoor aromas envelope you and take you back to a time of being in nature. Several minutes in and the cigar is smoking quite nicely. I haven’t had a bad one of these. They are perfect for a warm weather day or a bbq. That coffee/ chocolate mixes in well with the other notes.


During the half way point this cigar experience is smoking very nice. The aromas, the burn and smoothness to it allow you to really take your time with it. It is creamy and the woodyness does not go away which i like. Earthy and a tad of spice but not overpowering. It is mellow and easy. I love this aroma, if you were to smell it then you would instantly fall in love with the smell. Habano character at it’s finest.


A bit of earthy bitterness, some time in the humidor may tamper that down. A bit of age on these after first buying will definitely enhance the experience and flavour. I would say 2 years at the minimum. I would buy this cigar again and a box to test out the ageing process. Overall just an everyday cigar to sit down with for a short period of time, not an overly impressive Cuban or expensive one but it is one worth having again.

Smoke time

45 min

Hoyo de Monterrey - Coronations
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