47% ABV
Probably aged in American oak casks
Cost : 50 (USD)


Stranahan, Colorado, USA, was born of fire…and friendship. Jesse Graber, a volunteer fire fighter, saved the barn of local brewer George Stranahan. Both soon discovered that they had a taste for (good) whiskey, and they decided to start what has become one of America’s best selling whiskey.
All Stranahans are small-batch produced, which means that there might be some small variations in taste from batch to bacth. They are made from 100% malted barley, a rare fact for American whiskey, and they use, of course, spring water from the Rocky Moutains.


Color : light golden

Nose : leather, cloves , vanilla ,

Palate : oak, vanilla, cocoa, spices.

Finish : short/ medium. More notes of the oak and vanilla. With some chocolate at the end.

Comments : it’s an easy drinker, luckily I found this bottle on sale for half so I was quite pleased. A bottle an enthusiast and someone new to whisky can both drink and enjoy.

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