Hey guys. How’s it going?

It’s the weekend and I am treating myself to this lovely Sazerac Rye 👌🏻 😊🇺🇸🥃

I paired it with one of my favorite sticks, the Flor de Copan Monarcas from Honduras 👌🏻🇭🇳💨 this will make for a great evening 😉🥃💨.

Here is my review of the Sazerac Rye:

Nose: Lemon zest and citrus followed by rye black pepper. Caramel, peaches, cinnamon and a hint of fresh pears.

Palate: Crème caramel up front, sweet fruit followed by a subtle rye spice with cinnamon and a hint of oak.

Finish: Medium, crisp and dry. Warm nutmeg and oak lingers a bit.

It’s quite a tasty rye whiskey, aged 6 years and 90 proof. It’s more commonly known as “Baby Saz”. I quite like it 🙂.

People used to ask me: “what’s your favorite rye?” and until now I didn’t really have an answer, as I don’t usually drink rye, so I used to answer “I don’t know, I’m not much of a rye guy” but now, I must say, “the Baby Saz is quite good” 😉

What’s in your glasses this evening? 😊

What rye whisky cocktails do you know and like with rye whiskey?

This will work great in a Manhattan as well, will post something on this soon, so stay tuned 😉

Cheers! 🥃✨🥃.

Baby Saz, rye at first sight
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