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Just had a delightful little sip from North Star.
Spica blended whisky.
You want a really good blended whisky?
Under a ton?
Something for that special occasion. Like your children moving out of the house so you finally turn their room into your whisky room or trying something spicy sexy for the first time.
Buy this!
Decent price, 29yo whisky.
This is where it’s at.
Your search is over!
Thank me later.
Important Q&A
Which whisky is used? Like I really care?
Casks? I couldn’t give a shit.
Which grain whisky was used. See above.
No seriously. I couldn’t care less.
Where was it aged? I can give an answer to this. Scotland.
Its good. That’s all you need to know.
Have faith in Iain.
Lots of up front flavour. But this time it had a little bit warming alcohol on it but the flavour was so good. Layers of it, but not so much that they overpowered each other. It also has that bit of aggression from the grain element.
Again the delivery of it is superb. Grabs you by teeth and pulls.
I’ll show my age now. It reminds me of Bell’s 21yo. (I really like that but can’t find it now and every bell-end outbids me at auction) But with everything turned up more.
I can think of two ways to make this whisky more enjoyable. Won’t give a graphic description. However, If anyone knows Eva Angelina or Eve Lawrence you could invite them to my house for a whisky.
Just saying.
Suffice to say its just another fucking work of art from your man Iain C. That man is good at find shit hot casks and sprinkling magic over them.
Take a read of his website and he gives a bit of information about what he does.
There are unconfirmed reports suggests he has a unicorn called Buttercup that helps him.

One of the biggest problems with having a 25-50ml sample is that you can’t get to know the whisky and explore it. I tend to have 3 or 4 drinks before I’ll put anything down.
Even with a 25ml sample one thing will stand out more than anything.
Again just like the Vega, the quality stands out.
I’d be willing to spend a ton on this happily and as we get closer to Christmas I probably will.
Anyone stacking up something from Japan costing £500 because some bastard hipster thinks its really rare is just stupid. Against this it is bringing a penknife to a gunfight against a fucking howitzer. It’ll lose.
I’d find it really interesting to see how this and Vega would do in a blind tasting.
Safe to say though the price tag may be higher than most whisky. Last seen for £95. Which for a really aged whisky isn’t that bad.
The first Spica was £40. Iain please do another at that price but let me know first so I can get the order on.


However, I’ll be paying with that donated kidney we spoke about before 2019 is done.
Now I recommend that you buy one and then when next batch is released buy that as well.
All I need now is the ball gag, boning knife, cable ties, ice bucket and someone to come round for a morning dram.
Slainte xx

North Star Spica
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