Benriach Peated Port Single Cask 2005
12 years
Aged in ex-Port casks


BenRiach was founded in 1898 by John Duff in the “Hearth of Speyside”, Morayshire. After only a couple of years of distilling, BenRiach had to ceased their operations due to the whisky crash (Pattison crash). The effect of the crash and the addition of the Prohibition in the States made a revival of the distillery almost impossible, and it remained closed for 65 years. The distillery still remained partly operational thanks to Longmorn, the near sister distillery, that sourced part of their malt from the floors of BenRiach (ok now I’m touched, this could be a Disney story) !
In 1965, BenRiach was reopened as we entered a Golden Age : social revolutions, decolonization, industrialization…and a shit ton of new whisky drinkers 🙂
Fast forward 39 years later and you stumble on 2004. That year, BenRiach made a surprising and unconventional move : they went full balistic independant. That move now allows them to make a lot of single cask offerings, different cask finish and even full maturation in special casks. which not many distilleries offer nowadays.

Color : burnt copper.
Nose : Port wine … fortified with whiskey 🤪 The influence of the Porto cask with notes of greasy walnuts, milk chocolate and raspberry is clearly felt. Very typical A subtle peat in the background is felt, well hidden but that nose to the party.
Palate : thick and vinous texture. The walnuts turn into almonds and a cake is added, half-cooked chocolate and caramel. The peat comes a little stronger and helps to dry some of the fat side of the whiskey, providing at the same time a transition with the final.
Final : all in peat, dry and fast. The taste in the mouth is however persistent.
Comments : ok, sold ! I buy ! In caisses ! The Porto cask leaves an indelible mark, the peat adds complexity, the alcohol gives a beautiful substance. A perfect use of Porto.


Big thank you to Patrick Desjardins for the sample and the nice pictures 😀

Benriach Peated Port Single Cask 2005
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