58,7%ABV – Bottled at Cask Strength

Bruichladdich distillery – Single Malt – Islay/Scotland – Sherrycasks

Nose : Moderately sulphurous and mineral with a huge and direct peat accompanied by smells of moldy, dried mushrooms, camphor, bacon, red meat, soy sauce and clothes smelling smoke in the rain. Aromas of soda grapefruit or lemon indian tonic with sweet notes of dates, baked bananas, apricot jam, cocoa, orange chocolate, mead, caramel, resin and hazelnuts.
Palate : Liquorice, caramel candy, blood orange juice, dried meat and pepper. A mouth that feels sweet but can be intense, sparkling and pungent. Tabasco (hot pepper sauce), pepper, smoke and peat… constantly balanced by sweet and salt.

Finish : After a liquorice reminiscence, it’s a big sweet and acid smoke followed by a dryness of earth and wood that marks the end of a magnificent sensory and gustatory show.

Comments: this is an EXCELLENT whisky ! Definitely one of my favorite that I love to enjoy, for example, after a long and hard day of work or with whisky enthusiast who loves intense and heavy peated malt. This PC12 is by the way a great alternative to the Octomore range… If you need a true peat monster, heavy, powerful, frank and very fragrant (it sucks damn the nose!) this one is for you. This is a limited edition of 2015 available mostly by internet or at the travel retails… I hope you will be able ot pick up one for you !

Port Charlotte PC12
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  1. Bevvietime

    Awesome review, Nico! Thanks for sharing and keep it up! 🥃✨🥃 Cheers!


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