Highland Park Dark Origins
No Age Statement
60% first-fill European Oak, 20% first-fill American Oak, 20% re-fill casks ; all ex-Sherry casks
Color : deep gold.
Nose : chocolate milk with a little whipped cream on top, English Breakfast black tea, herbs smoked as in a grandmother’s concoction.
Palate : heather fire, light peat, dark chocolate, some notes of vanilla and nuts and a touch of cinnamon and Christmas gingerbread. A beautiful creaminess in the mouth that brings out the sweet peat of HP in the background. The Sherry takes up much more space than for the 12 years old.
Finish : tasty and salivating, very slow and sweet. A touch of peat, always in the background.
Comments : deep and pleasant flavors! Superb whiskey … in the style of 12 years old, but heavier ! NAS done right if you aks me, with still the important information on the bottle. The bottle design is clean and sharp. This has been a favourite of mine for quite some time now, and I was sad to see it disappear from the HP line-up. Fortunately enough, the SAQ (Quebec’s Liquor Store) still has plenty !
PS : this is my favourite picture I have taken 🙂
Highland Park Dark Origins
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