Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley
Ex-Bourbon casks
Bruichladdich, Islay’s experimental distillery, has three lines of whisky. An unpeated one (simply called Bruichladdich), a heavily peated one (called Port Charlotte) and a super heavily peated one (called Octomore). For the Port Charlotte line, all whiskies are peated to 40 ppm. What’s make them different one from another is the type of barley they use, the age statement and the ABV. What’s great about every Bruichladdich bottling is that they all have a 5 digits code letting you know exactly what you are buying (what they call the recipe). In an era of obscure tales and NAS, it is a bold move from their part.
Color : pale ale.
Nose : intriguing peaty and smoky blend with candied fruit, toasted nuts, fresh tobacco, malt, all accompanied by notes of sea salt.
Palate : obviously the peat comes back with a lighter smoke. This time it is right to notes of caramel, nutmeg and fresh pears. Alcohol is also more present than on the nose, offering a small burn very pleasant to accompany the smoke.
Final : languorous and smoked to perfection, with an alcohol punch that goes decrescendo.
Comments : in the genre, difficult to do better. A high level of peat (although incomparable with the Octomore) yet balanced by other notes.
Does the use of Scottish barley makes a big difference from barley grown elsewhere ? I do not know, I slightly doubt that it is possible. But still, +1 to make a local product!
Port Charlotte Scottish Barley
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