Kilchoman Single Cask Distillery Shop Exclusive – 2017 – Rum Cask finish
5 years old (distilled 17/11/2012 bottled 28/08/2017)
Aged in ex-Bourbon casks and finished in ex Rum casks
Kilchoman has, in a very short time (2005-2018), became a high end yet affordable Single Malt Scotch. Since it’s opening, Kilchoman has made everything opposite to other distilleries : young whiskies (they don’t have much of a choice but still), simple marketing, and most importantly, almost everything is local. They put great attention to the details in their whiskies, producing a different range of peated, Bourbon and Sherry matured, cask finish and single casks.
They even made some special bottlings for shops and blogs, such the Kensignton Wine Anniversary or the 10 years of Quebec Whisky reviewers.
Color : straw.
Nose : strong peat contrasted by sugar cane and vanilla beans. These flavours are not simultaneous but well differentiated, appearing by wave.
Palate : rich and rich texture at will. The peat is still fully expressed first, followed quickly by spicy notes of cardamom and habanero peppers. Everything is gently softened by notes of vanilla, caramel and milk chocolate.
Finale : stable and slow, long, the flavours of sweet smoke and sugar stretch.
Comments : a well-balanced whisky, yet not boring at all. The flavours are very clear and defined, all in contrast to each other. Each note is entitled to its moment of glory.
The alcohol content also allows to add depth with a good texture.
I highly recommend it for peat and complexity lovers.
Kilchoman Rum Cask Finish
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