Green Brackla 1975 (Dewar Distillery)

The ‘Green’ Brackla – 27 years old, was a unique find and an interesting independent bottling of ‘Royal Brackla.’ As the name suggests there is a light tinge of green in the colour and it is superbly balanced with some Sherry, sweetness of Toffee, spice and smoke. I have had the normal Royal Brackla (12, 16 & 21 years) before, but this one really blows it out of the water. The royal part of the name comes from the first distillery to bear the royal warrant in 1833 (from King George IV).

This was bottled for ‘Whisky Exchange’ in 2002 and was a limited release of 204 bottles. The intriguing thing I discovered is they mention that the Cask type is unknown. I would assume this cask was located deep down in the warehouse, with limited records.


Colour : Olive Oil Green.

Nose : Light, clean, fresh oak, chocolate orange, marmalade, rancio & camp fire smoke.

Palate : Very tight & intense flavours. Hints of honeydew melon, old leather & traces of cognac style rancio. Quite oily with a medium dry finish.


Green Brackla 1975 (Dewar Distillery) – Distilled 1975 – Cask type unknown – Cask No 5471 -Bottled 28 Oct 2002 – 204 Bottles – 59.7% ABV


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Green Brackla - 27 Years (1975)
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