Highland Park Harald – Warriors Serie


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Mix of ex-Sherry casks, European and American osk (more of the latter)


The Warriors Serie is a Duty Free exclusive line from Highland Park. It was creates to celebrate famous warriors and Earls (Counts) issued from the Viking invasion of the islands in the 8th and 9th Centuries.

It also celebrates the famous use of Sherry casks at Highland Park. The first bottle in the serie, Svein, is matured exclusively in ex-Sherry American Oak casks. Every time you “upgrade”, the use of European Oak casks becomes more important.

This one, Harald, is almost at 50-50, but with a little bit more of American Oak than European.


Color : amber gold.
Nose : barley, lemon, green apple, slight peat.
Palate : spices, citrus, clove, nutmeg, clean on the palate.
Finish : short/medium, orange peel, white pepper.
Comments : given this is a travel only edition, the ABV is at a lower percentage than what I would want, but the palate makes up for it. Extremely smooth and clean palate and a delicious pour. Definitely worth grabbing if your shopping duty free.

Highland Park Harald
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