Old Pulteney 12yo


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Old Pulteney was founded in 1826 and is the most septentrional of the Mainland distilleries. A fun fact about this distillery is that altought being on the mainland, the distillery was not reachable by land…it had to be restock by boat.

Olsd Pulteney is considered like THE maritime single malt by excellence by many among us, a lot of their whiskies having this distinct sea air flavour.

A nice touch from the distillery would be something that we don’t often encounter on official websites but is very well received by the public, Old Pulteney actually offers food pairing advice for 3 of their core range whiskies !


Color : amber gold.

Nose : fresh and delicate aromas of iodized and muddy seaweeds, melon, apple / pear, banana cake, malt and blood orange juice. Then come notes of grilled hazelnuts, almonds paste, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, lavender honey and as a feeling to smell a sprinkled with parsley runny cheese (cream of St-Agur).

Palate : it’s a light, onctuous, watery and creamy wave, heavily salted, that coats my taste buds with lots of fun. Then there are flavours of slightly acid fruits, malt, grilled caramel, oak (not too much) and some lavender at the end (foral hints).

Final : simple but satisfying, slightly fruity and pastry. It treats my taste buds with salt and a little bit of wood or grass on the dry way. I can feel for a long time the salt on my tongue, and of course that makes me thirsty !

Comments : I really enjoy that salted side ! Easy and not so compex but still enjoyable !  I like drinking this good whisky in summer, outside, because it is light, malty, low abv, fresh and fruity with a nice maritime kick.

Old Pulteney 12 years old
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