Ledaig 13yo Elixir Malts
13 years old, distilled in 2004
Aged in ex Bourbon casks
Ledaig is a brand distilled at the Tobermory distillery on the Isle of Mull. Founded in 1796, it is the peated penchant from the distillery. Closed and opened again several times in the 1800 and ’70s, it is now firmly in place with more expressions coming on the shelves in the past years.
Now, as of this bottle, this is a Ledaig from independant bottlers Elixir Distillers. They are London based and owned and managed by the guys behing The Whisky Exchange. They have three lines of whisky : Elements of Islay, Port Askaig and Single Malts of Scotland. The Ledaig is part of the last one
Colour : does transparent exists for whisky ? No kidding, apple pulpit.
Nose : big smoke on the first wave with peat just as present. On the second wave, chocolate pears and pineapples on the BBQ.
Palate : very round and fat texture, with an appreciated heat. The flavours are explosive, with this peat still present, but this time with much less smoke. Add all the freshness from fruits, all soaked in chocolate: apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries.
Final : surprisingly sweet for a whisky of this strength, with a very slow decrescendo of the flavours identified above.
Comments : a dram like this shows the interest of single casks from independent bottlers. They look for some interesting profiles of the distillery by eliminating the rest of the traditional flavours (no vatting).
A dram like that is also why I drink 😜 If you find it in nature, do not hesitate !
Ledaig 13yo Elixir Malts (IB)
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