Glendronach Revival 15yo – 2014
15 yo
Aged in Oloroso Sherry casks
Non chill-filtered / Natural colour
I guess that with the upcoming release of the new 15yo, it was only time I reviewed this one !
The Glendronach. Born in 1826 in the East Highlands Hills. They have been using PX and Oloroso Sherry casks since the beginning and are very proud of selecting the finest casks there is. It is a distillery with many legends, including some with rooks and ghosts !
Otherwise, they have a very good reputation amongst the Sherry aficionados. Their bottlings are always selling fast, and they have a very large selection, going from an age statement core range to single casks, passing by wood finishes and high end bottlings.
The Glendronach 15yo Revival was discontinued in 2015 with the promise of its return by 2018…amd they delivered !
Color : amber, draws on Spanish fortified wines.
Nose : first winey wave, followed by candied fruit. Rich AF! A third waves gently appears with hard toffee candies.
Palate : figs, plums, dates. Sweet, candied fruit again. The mouth dries slowly and the rich fruits evolve towards dried fruits. After a few sip, aromas of caramel, dark chocolate and coffee appear.
Final : gently going along the esophagus, fleshy and not aggressive at all. It’s like a fruit jam … but with alcohol 🙂
Comments : an incredible bottle that fans have seen leaving with a lot of regrets. The new version (back Fall 2018) should apparently satisfy the fans who know the product while charming those who had not known this version.
For me, this is the perfect non-peated Fall Scotch. It has everything you want in it : thickness, hottness, freshness, and of course a very distinctive aromas.
In short, it’s not complicated : you come across a bottle from before 2015? JUMP ON IT !
Glendronach Revival 15yo - 2014
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