Highland Park The Dolphins


Probably aged in American oak sherry casks.
Two dolphins facing. A crowned anchor in the middle. This emblem is of successful British submariners having passed the Submarine Command course. For this special release, the second Dolphins, Highland Park has teamed with the Royal Navy to create a bottling “exclusive to the Submariners and the members of HP Inner Circle (free and easy to join).
Color : bright yellow.
Nose : has this whisky been aged in sherry casks ? I would not say at first ! 10 minutes later, I have less of an impression that it has been aged in barrels of Bourbon, but I still have doubts.
In short, it smells passion fruit and blood orange, all mixed with vanilla and coconut.
Palate : fresh and exotic with lemon zest, balanced with notes of toasted oak. A soft and silky texture, a little thin.
Final : finally, the characteristics flavours of Highland Park stand out in the finish, including heather peat, very light smoke, candied oranges and milk chocolate. Surprisingly, the finish is long lasting in the mouth in terms of flavours, and of medium length in alcohol in the oesophagus.
Comments : how unusual is this whisky ! I have doubts about the cask aging in the nose, then, when doubts fly away, I taste and get lost again. Not many of HP’s features on the nose and in the mouth. Then comes the final where we have a return in force of more traditional HP. Personally, I like it. I would not say it’s complex, but it’s intriguing. The only downside I have is in its texture. It does not feel like a 40% diluted, but the texture brings us back to reality : it is unfortunately a little too diluted ! The mouth is ordinary, the nose is good, the finish is excellent. Overall, a good whisky !
Highland Park The Dolphins #2
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  1. Stephen Hitcham

    The dolphins are presented to any rank passing part 3 not command course.

    • Fantastic Nick

      Is that true ? Because on the HP website it says for those passing command course…


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