The name comes from Julius Caeser Newman, the founder of J.C. Newman cigars. This cigar was created to celebrate the company’s 115th anniversary and to honor the founding father’s 135th birthday. Newman started out humbly rolling cigars in Cleveland, and the company now operates out of Tampa, with third generation Newmans running the show. 
Rolled by the legendary Fuente Family on their famous farm in the Dominican Republic, this beautiful 93- rated cigar will dazzle you with its superbly refined flavor. The Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is dressed in an Ecuador Havana-seed wrapper draped over a Dominican binder, and featuring a sturdy Dominican binder and a mix of the finest well-aged Caribbean basin and Central American filler tobaccos. Every puff is superb with rich and complex notes of sweet spice, coffee, aromatic cedar, and wood. Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is ideal for when a great cigar is a must.

Julius Caesar Diamond Crown

This petite corona i had the pleasure of trying is well dressed in a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a beautiful band on it with the image of Caesar, note the spelling.

Origin: Dominican Republic

Size: 5.5×43

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Binder/Filler: Dominican

Appearance: The look and shape of this corona is dark chocolate with a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is rustic and coarse. It is my favoite size of cigar to handle along with a double corona. Minimal veins and a firm pack, not to spungy.

Smoking Notes: This corona is a medium in strength, some will say a medium to full. It has notes of coffee, sweetness, spice and wood. A hint of leather.

Before the Light up: The aroma offf this cigar is chocolate and cedar with that spice coming through.

Draw and Burn:

Drawing this cigar is easy, there is no resistance and it comes off real smooth. The burn is very consistant and throughout. I never needed any touch ups, the ash was white grey and held on for an inch in length before falling off.

The first third of the cigar the cedar and warm spices slowly begin to reveal a wonderful sweetness that reminds me of honey . As the first third comes to a close the sweetness begins to fade away. The cigar is packed with cedar notes with the cigar having a moderate finish and chocolate

Middle: The halfway point of the cigar is pretty much the same, not to much change in the flavor department, it has been consistant from the get go. Spicy but not overpowering, the chocolate is a nice compliment to a coffee along with the aromas of leather, cedar. Burn is fine, not razor sharp but is is very solid.

Final: My final thoughts and impressions are that i really enjoyed this cigar, it is well constructed, the size is perfect. The notes pair up well with coffee. The brand is top notch, the JC Newman company is and has been one of the best manufactures of cigars in the USA, with many labels and blends to check out. Give them a shot.

Smoke Time: 50 min

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Julius Caesar Diamond Crown
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