H.Upmann Coronas Junior

The H.Upmann Coronas Junior is my favorite small Habano to smoke.  This handmade herbal cigar is typical of the H.Upmann brand. Gentle tobacco aromas, with earthy hints chocolate, spice and cedar allow for a well balanced Corona, allowing you time to enjoy every draw. Same size as Fonseca Cadetes and Upmann Petit Upmann, delivered in the new aluminum beige tubes. H .Upmann was founded in 1844 by a German banker who loved cigars so much he moved to Havana and started his own cigar house.  H.Upmann make a lighter to medium bodied, elegant cigar which are ideal cigars for a wedding or for inexperienced smokers. The H .Upmann Coronas Junior, formally known as the H .Upmann Petit Upmann has the distinction of being the Cuban cigar that President J.F.Kennedy stocked up on before he signed the US / Cuban trade embargo.

  • PRESENTATION Habanos Regular Productions
  • VITOLA Cadetes
  • LENGTH115 mm
  • ORIGIN Cuba

H. Upmann is a current pre-Revolution brand, established in 1844.

The range comprises light to medium strength cigars, using tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region.


This cigar has a pleasant aroma even before it is lit. Light and medium never to aggressive. This petite corona is quite nice.  A nice around the yard smoke or for a bbq or wedding.  A bit tight on the draw to start but an enjoyable cigar for less than an full hour. Medium in flavor with hints of chocolate, wood, and spice but not harsh. A beginner habano for an inexpensive price.


The H Upmann Coronas Junior comes in a classy aluminum tube that preserves the cigar’s freshness. Upon opening the tube,  it has a cedar lining covering this small habano delicious aroma of Cuban tobacco reaches the nostrils. It is a nicely rolled cigar with a dark brown wrapper. It feels firm from head to toe.

Smoking Notes

Before the light up

At cold, the wrapper smells of barnyard with some hints of honey and oat.


The cap cuts easily and reveals a good draw, perhaps just a bit on the loose side. Upon lighting the cigar, the burn is sharp and even; beautiful. . The ash holds on nicely at the foot and the cigar releases a generous amount of white smoke clouds. Great construction.


The first third of the cigar is very sweet and smooth . After the cigar settles down, the body evolves to a medium body and it is dominated by some creamy and sweet flavors (typical H. Upmann). There is a sweet earthy flavor,  there are some nuts too, some sweet toastiness as well,  some notes of cedar. There is also a good amount of spices but very light in taste,  and some hints of black chocolate. Overall, the flavors are very rounded and hit the palate just right.


In the middle third, the flavor profile evolves slightly, still a lot of sweetness, more cedar, and with the addition of some coffee and some herbal notes. The earthiness is still present like some wheat or some vegetables. The body remains in the medium range.


In the final third, the Coronas Junior increases a bit in strength, towards a medium-to-full body.  flavor wise there is still a lot of cedar and sweetness. There are also some vanilla flavors towards the end of the cigar. The cigar does not get harsh whatsoever, smoke it til the end if you please.

A true Cuban smoke, easy on the wallet, and that can both please A beginner/novice cigar and for experienced aficionados.

Smoke time

40 – 60 Minutes


H.Upmann Coronas Junior
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  1. Jeffrey Pierce

    Excellent review! A Perfect description of this cigar when it’s “on” (which they and most Cubans have been – in the past 5-10 years at least – more so than probably before the 1999.) I really enjoyed reading about all of the nuances of flavor and aroma that I myself get from good cigars!

    Have you tried the H Upmann Corona Major? I find it to be a great budget cigar as well. They have been smoking exceptionally well lately. I believe they were also listed in cigar aficionados most recent top 25 cigars of the year also. I happened to be smoking one as I read your review and as I write this. I plan on smoking and writing a review of a “Arturo Fuente Forbidden X 13 Heart of the Bull.” I find the Fuente “Forbidden X 13” series to have been a top of the line, and original take on both the Arturo Fuente Opus X and on the original forbidden X as well.

    Later this week, I plan on smoking and writing a review on the PARTAGÁS CORONA GORDA AÑEJADOS (rolled in 2007). I am a staunch opponent of SA Habanos bid to eliminate the average- thinner ring gauge and longer cigars in the Cuban portfolio in favor of thickér ring gauge and shorter cigars that somehow cigar manufacturers( including non Cuban manufacturers) seem to think are popular now.

    Despite the fact that there isn’t a “Corona Gorda” marca in the Partagas line currently, I’m not a fan of paying a great deal extra just to have a cigar aged for me. I have to admit, the “Añejados series” rolls and selects perfect specimens. However, friends have told me that this particular cigar is definitely worth trying.

    I can send you the reviews if you’re curious how either of these cigars turn out.


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