Oliva Serie O Maduro

The Oliva Serie O in Maduro is a 6×60 cigar from Nicaragua. A little backdrop on this chocolate flavoured coffee bomb.

Oliva Serie O

6×60 Gordo

Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder/Filler : Nicaraguan Habano

The Serie O is a Nicaraguan Puro made in the taditional Cuban way of growing the same Habano seed in diverse regions of the country. The blend was produced by growing the Habano in Esteli and the Condega/Jalapa Valley (olivacigar.com)


This Maduro has an oily leaf with a deep brown rich chocolate color. The pack is firm but not to tight. Notes of leather, spice and expresso.

Smoking notes

Before the light up

Cold draw you get earthy, chocolate and spice on the smell.


While toasting this big boy you get a cedar aroma and nuts smell. The draw was flawless and the chocolate and spice comes through right off the hop. The first few pulls of this O are smooth and creamy.


This cigar is not for the beginner it is more for the experienced cigar smoker and it is a more full bodied experience. Take your time with this, my rule is slow and steady. Let the flavours envelope.


The burn is a white ash with lots of smoke output. It is a bit uneven at times but nothing to worry about and I had to retouch it a couple times but that’s not a problem. Let the ash hang on but not to long. An inch will do. A bit flaky at times. The middle of the cigar you still get chocolate, black pepper and a rice earthy note.


The final home stretch of this Maduro stayed smooth from the beginning. Not overheating and burning slow. The aromas of cedar, leather and spice are a must for someone who likes those characteristics in there cigar profile. This cigar took approximately 2hrs and change to enjoy and i certainly enjoyed it. I would recommend having a few around in the humidor or passing out to a friend if they are fan of Maduros and this size at 6×60.

The O Maduro is a winner and a pleasure to smoke.

Smoke time


Oliva Serie O Maduro
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