Romeo Julieta y Short Churchill

For many years, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill was considered a staple in the Cuban portfolio. It’s still one of the ideal Cuban cigars, today. Romeo has a regular Churchill, Wide Churchill and Petite Churchill, but the one to look out for is the Short Churchill. It’s the size of a standard robusto and has a complex composition wine and sweet toffee notes, all mingling together by a rich, toasty undertone. The flavors are clear but not at all overwhelming, nor are they competing for dominance. This Romeo came in the top 25 of 2017 Cigar aficionados list at #19. The Churchill name makes this brand more famous and appealing. It is very popular in the American region and becoming more well known world wide.


Origin: Cuba

Size: 4/7/8” x50

Wrapper: Cuban

Binder/Filler: Cuban



The look of this robusto has an almost poor mans brown bag look to it, it has very little veins. The construction is spot on. This cigar sports a lovely classic Romeo band and to ad a bit of flare the second smaller band with gold embossing. The Churchill name gives it a classy look. The foot of the cigar has a papery feel to it. The red and gold colour of the band gives of a great sharp looking contrast. If you like tubos which i do, the romeo line sports quite a few options. They look great and are easy for carrying around and on the go or as a gift.


Smoking Notes

The draw is effortless, it has plenty of thick white smoke. A triple cap at the head of the cigar. After ten minutes this cigar is smoking just fine, lots of smoke, the medium body cigar has a nice woodyness to it. I enjoyed this cigar very much as it was a present given to me on my birthday. Never bitter, always consistant. The palate won’t take a beating, the finish is smooth. It is a very good cigar.


Before the Light up

Before the prelight draw you get hints of fruit, wood, and spice notes.

A fresh cedar smell, with a floral sweetness. It is very pleasant


Draw and Burn

I found the draw to be smooth and effortless. The aromas are wonderful especially on a cool night. Perfect for an autumn evening. Woody and nutty on the pre draw. A hint of salt and nutmeg. The signature romeo profile is here, very aromatic and floral at times. Whiteish grey ash that holds on and is firm, not to delicate and it doesn’t fall apart.


In the early stages the cigar is just easy to smoke, the ash is tight and holding on. Burn line is good. This cigar does not need to much attention. The aromas are long lasting which i like in a cigar. The finish has a leathery taste to it and it is long. It is satisfying and a pleasure to smoke. The Romeo line produces some of the best cigars.


Creamy leather, thick white smoke with hints of chocolate. Not always there but it comes and goes. The ash has a lightish grey to it.  As this cigar progresses the paper look it is starting to show signs of the oils coming out and that is giving off a sheen to it. The smoke output is nice and the draw has a bit of resistance, nice clouds of smoke. The pull is wonderful. There are some mild changes in flavor which is nice. It is a medium body at this point in the cigar.


In the final you get a bit more of the nuttyness, The cream was still there and that is one of the nice features to this cigar. If woodsy is your thing then definitely go for this cigar. A dark roast aroma and taste finish up this cigar. The hints of dark chocolate open up in this final third with a tad of spice give it a nice mixture. You can go no wrong having a few of these tubos in your humidor, young or ageing them they will do the trick.

Smoke time

1 hr 30 min

Romeo Julieta y Short Churchill
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